Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Game of Thrones Season 4 Premiere: Part 2

Despite eating several hard-boiled eggs and way too much cantaloupe for breakfast, I was actually really hungry by mid-afternoon of GoT premiere day...even with all that lovely season three blood and gore. So instead of saving my Dornish side items for dinner, I pulled them out for a late lunch :)

Flatbread & Chickpea Paste
(a.k.a. Pita Bread & Hummus)

When the sun set the air grew cool and the children went inside in search of supper, still the prince remained beneath his orange trees, looking out over the still pools and the sea beyond. A serving man brought him a bowl of purple olives with flatbread, cheese, and chickpea paste. He ate a bit of it, and drank a cup of the sweet, heavy strongwine that he loved. - A Feast for Crows

I swear that I've *actually* made the pita bread and hummus recipes that you can find on Inn at the Crossroads, but considering the fact that I was already planning several recipes for my premiere day, I went the lazy store-bought route with these snacks this time around. But at least I can say that the recipes on the website are good, right? Haha.

And hey, Matt and I even got some Ice & Fire Con work done while we hung out and watched hours upon hours of Game of Thrones! We had plenty to eat while doing so, too, because even though we'd had our mid-afternoon Dornish snack, Steve decided we also needed to try a more show-themed dish...lunch at the Dreadfort, that is!

Matt attempting to recreate Ramsay Bolton's manic face

I swear, it's just a pork sausage! (Or rather, a bratwurst.) :D

And yes, eventually I did decide that it was time to suck it up and have a drink...or two...and of course they were at least *sort of* themed...

It may look like just another Bloody Mary, but hey, I was calling it a 'Red Wedding' - and I even cut my celery stick into the shape of a sword!

Really though, despite all of the fabulous themed meals I've cooked for past marathons, this day ended up being way more about the food than about drinking (for once). Part of that was my not feeling well, though I'm sure the icky gray weather we had for premiere day didn't help either ;) And on top of all that, I knew that I had to write the season 4 premiere review for The Geekiary, and I thought it was best that I be [at least mostly] sober for that.

Stay tuned for a couple more recipes, my first taste of Ommegang's new Game of Thrones beer, and of course, some of my thoughts on the episode!
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