Friday, April 4, 2014

MegaCon 2014 Recap: Day 3

On the last day of MegaCon I was hoping for less crowds and some sales in the dealer room. While there were definitely far less people than Saturday, it was still pretty busy, and sadly waiting until Sunday to buy certain things turned out to be a bad idea because a lot of booths had run out of things entirely, or run out of most sizes in clothing items (at least in terms of what I was looking for). That said, though, it was definitely one of the better last days of a convention that I've experienced recently...still a lot of great cosplay, for one!

I mean come on, Clementine from the TWD game!

I cut it a bit close, but I did make it to the convention center in time to do a photo op with Walking Dead's David Morrissey (The Governor) and Danai my season three Andrea costume, of course. I have yet to get my scanner working and upload the picture, but this was the first 'official' photo op I've ever done and it went very smooth. I was able to buy it that day, get right in line, and about 30 minutes later I had my ten seconds with those two beautiful actors. Danai complimented my Andrea costume and David said he had a dentist chair for me, so I'll call it a win all around ;)

After the photo op, I even made it to a panel - Kickstarter 101. It was held in the same tiny room as the other two panels I attended that weekend, but it wasn't nearly as crowded as those ones were - and a good thing too, because the projector apparently wasn't working...and the panelist was calling in via Skype or something :-/ There was some good information to be had, though it was more focused on Kickstarting a film and so some of it didn't apply to me and what I was hoping to learn. It definitely would have been better to have some in-person panelists (and more than one of them, at that), but I applaud them for offering a panel like this at all. I definitely hope to find more like this in the future, at other cons and maybe at MegaCon next year as well.

Back out on the convention floor, I met with this wonderful fellow...

Yes, that's right, I got my picture with "Dr. Hammond"! Definitely one of my favorite cosplays of the weekend, by far...and I love that he's making the same excited face as I am!

I wrapped up my weekend at MegaCon with one more lap around the dealer room, and ended up buying the latest Walking Dead volume...sort of a tradition, because I bought the first compendium when I was at MegaCon last year ;)

And last but not least, as I was about to leave I found a JEM cosplayer! Another awesome sighting and yes, another of my favorites for the weekend.

Because it was Sunday and my hotel didn't have AMC (seriously, WTF?) I headed over to my buddy John's apartment, cuddled with my friend Mike's awesome dog Tedders, and got to watch the penultimate episode of the fourth season of Walking Dead...complete with good pizza, good beer, and good friends.

Oh, and my Ricktatorship shirt, of course.

All in all, despite the setbacks MegaCon was a successful weekend. For me, great conventions are often about a combination of so many things - fun times with friends, informative and interesting panels, seeing tons of great costumes, and maybe having some crazy encounters. While I do believe that there are plenty of improvements to be made to MegaCon, I can at least say that the people I spent my weekend with really made it an enjoyable experience overall...and yeah, I'll probably go back next year :) Pin It

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