Thursday, May 22, 2014

CHESS, CROWS, & CRAFTS: Ice & Fire Con 2014 Recap, Part 2

I was expecting us to get a rush of people checking in at 2 PM on our first day of Ice & Fire Con, but it was actually a pretty laid-back experience in terms of registration...especially compared with last year. We streamlined some things, and we also allowed the few people who arrived before two to check in early...which meant that I was even able to take a breather before overseeing arts & crafts (a.k.a. decorating badges and making mock election posters) at 3! And during that break there was a "Jaim-off" over the giant chess board...

At this point most people were in costume already, which is always exciting. For some reason I feel like a convention never really gets going until a decent amount of people are cosplaying...and with Ice & Fire Con being as small as it is, it's easier to pinpoint that moment when the change occurs ;) I think the three-eyed crow showing up may have helped things along a bit...

I'm glad we had an official 'arts and crafts' time and location this year, but I think next year we'll scale it back a bit in terms of time. Who needs two hours to throw together a mock election poster or stick some stickers to a badge, after all? ;) Granted, we were stretched a bit thin in terms of volunteers at this point due to registration and the 'North & Riverlands Gathering' at 4, but hey, I guess each year we'll just need to keep adding more volunteers!

We had several activities planned for the evening as well, beginning with a special Ommegang beer tasting at 5:15...but that's for the next recap installment :) Pin It

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