Friday, May 30, 2014

POWER IS POWER: Ice & Fire Con 2014 Recap, Part 4

So last year we were ridiculously lucky with our Ice & Fire Con was sunny and unseasonably warm (but not too much so) up until Sunday morning. Sadly, our weather luck apparently ran out, because this year it was chilly, often cloudy, and at times even rainy - both Friday and Saturday (go figure, Sunday was absolutely beautiful...but I'll get into that later).

Thankfully we did get some sun though, and I'm doubly thankful that it seemed to come at all the right times. Sure it was dreary when I got up for breakfast Saturday morning, and still dreary for our 11 AM Non-Human Races of Westeros discussion group...which was fairly well-attended, though it continued to solidify the idea that the new layout in Ravenwood's Great Hall isn't panel or discussion-group friendly.

Immediately following the discussion group was the "Power Houses of Westeros" gathering! Originally we were going to hold it at the Silversmith, but the weather wasn't quite cooperating, so we moved it to the gardens behind the castle in case we needed to go inside. Of course, minutes after we moved it, the sun broke through! (See what I mean about it coming out at all the right times?)

(Please excuse the quick photo dump...)

What are these pesky Greyjoys doing at the POWER HOUSES gathering? (Kidding, guys, love ya! ;) )


Smirking Cerseis ;) (and Tommen)

Robert and Cersei exchange weapons...of a sort...

 I'm actually not sure what's going on in this picture...

I love the idea of the 'gatherings' but I'm wondering if next year we should try to mix them up a bit. They were hugely successful last year but as Ice & Fire Con grows, certain activities will have to be molded to better fit a larger crowd. I guess we'll see ;)

After the gathering I got my quick lunch break, and then it was on to the tournament...but, for several reasons, that deserves an entry alllll to itself. Stay tuned!
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