Friday, May 9, 2014

Rest in Peace, my sweet Pretty Lilo

Nearly eleven years ago Ex and I adopted two kittens. We got them on the same day; they weren't 'siblings' in terms of blood, but in every other way they were.

Lilo and Stitch have always fit their names. Stitch being a mischievous little brat who is also loyal in ways cats aren't 'supposed' to be, and Lilo being a sweet, smart, pudgy little gal with a fierce heart.

Though a bit sickly as a kitten, Lilo grew up to be a beautiful, healthy, sweet cat. She was smart...she knew that hands meant petting and even when you hid them she would try to find them. She loved to just lounge on people's laps, and she was soft and comfortable.

Sadly, a few days ago Lilo went from being fine to being seriously ill. We brought her to the vet first thing, but despite receiving the best treatment possible and having many tests done, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her and she just kept getting worse.

I had to make the decision this afternoon to let my beautiful girl go. It was one of the most difficult decisions I've ever had to make, and we stayed there with her until the very end. She was a wonderful cat, a great pet, and above all a member of our family. She was with me through everything important I've done in my life; I cuddled her with joy when things were good and cried into her fur when they weren't. She never begrudged me either - all she wanted was to be loved. And she was.

She will be missed, and mourned, and never forgotten.

Rest in peace, my sweet Pretty Lilo...

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