Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WOLFSIES AWOOO!: Ice & Fire Con 2014 Recap, Part 3

First things first after Arts & Crafts wound down was our Ommegang beer tasting! Last year we were lucky enough to gain a contact amongst Ommegang's sales people/distributors, and he came through again this year with their third Game of Thrones beer, Fire & Blood. Though the tasting was a bit more disorganized this year (which was surprising considering that the actual pouring of the tastings - the other beers being Ommegang's Glimmerglass and Hop House - was far more organized), it was of course still a really good time. (Honestly I blame the weather, which caused us to have to hold it in the pub...)

Next up on the agenda was a Q&A with Amin and Ashley from A Podcast of Ice & Fire and Alex from Tower of the Hand. We were so blessed to have support from these amazing 'super fans', and their Q & A was very well attended - APOIAF had a decent sized crew of listeners at Ice & Fire Con this year :)

And then it was time for a dinner break! At this point I'd been running around like crazy, so the idea of being able to sit and eat some pizza with our volunteers was more than a little bit appealing. Unfortunately, while said pizza was very tasty, it didn't arrive in the best condition...

The volunteers were kind of in and out of our dinner this year, but hopefully next year we'll be able to sequester them for a good hour like we did in 2013, and have a bit more of a relaxing volunteer dinner ;) But alas, the Snark & Grumpkin Hunt with the Night's Watch was up next on the schedule, so a lot of them had to run off to finish setup and give the rules talk for that. I stayed back to pick up after dinner, but I could hear people playing the game (it was held outdoors) and it certainly sounded like they were having a blast!

And once it was over, I was more than ready to change out of my Cersei gown and into my Shaggydog wolfsie before the 9:30 PM panel...

Unfortunately, the discussion group style 'panels' didn't work so well in the Great Hall this year. Ravenwood changed up their furniture sometime between our October 2013 visit and the convention, and the new tables were too big to move...but we didn't know that until we got there, the schedules were already printed, and in the end we suffered through several discussion groups in the Great Hall before finally switching to the pub. Hey, we'll know better for next year, at least.

And then it was time for Drinking Game Night! This year we were featuring Cards Against Westeros in the library and Murphy's Game of Thrones drinking board game in the pub, and it seemed to go over really well. Cards Against Westeros was especially popular...

Perhaps it was because 'sexy GRRM' was in attendance?

All I know is that my wolfsie was super comfortable, that we had to politely ask people to move the party down to the Silversmith well after midnight, and that just like last year I got to bed way too late. But it was a successful first evening, that's for sure!

Wolfsie Shaggydog and Biker Shaggydog!

Wolfsies AWOOOO!

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  1. Snark and Grumpkin Hunt was really fun! If anyone would think it was fun, I might work on adapting a game of Clue to ASOIAF...