Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A SONG OF PARTY AND ROCK: Ice & Fire Con 2014 Recap, Part 9

Last year our Saturday night activity was "Westerosi Karaoke", and though it was a total blast, this year we decided to go for something that even more of our attendees would participate in...a dance party! We kept the name "Flea Bottom Fete" from Ice & Fire Con 2013's Friday night fun...but this time around we cleared out Ravenwood's Great Hall for dancing and even had a DJ!

Of course, a group of us couldn't let the opportunity for 'party' versions of ASOIAF characters to pass us by, and so the "Party of Ice & Fire Peeps" crew was born. We danced the night away to a long list of songs (most of which were suggested by our attendees via a document in the convention Facebook group), and honestly the best way to 'describe' how awesome it was is with pictures, of course :)

First, Asha and Cersei had to rock those shutter shades...

And Petyr "Brolish" came creeping on Cersei...

Then the whole crew got together (well, most of us anyway): Party Illyrio, Flower Child Margaery, Areo Brotah, Petyr Brolish, Party Rock Cersei, Daenerys Partyborn (Khalee$i of Great Whiskey, Mother of Glitter, Breaker of Dance, The Unsober, The Drinking Queen...), and Punk Rock Val from North of Pink Floyd's Wall...

Cersei doesn't think these Flower Child Tyrells are so fly...but she hung with them anyway!

Until a flaming Renly came to call, that is ;)
(I'm talking about his coat, I swear!)

As you can see, us Lannisters had to sport our douchey fedoras...

And Areo Brotah kindly shared his champagne with the Queen Bitch!
(Yes, there was champagne, because what's a party without it?)

Finally, of course Cersei had to one-up Brienne before the night was over...

...not that we ended the party when we ended the dance, of course. I'll be back with some after-party goodness in my next Ice & Fire Con recap! Pin It

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