Friday, June 20, 2014

AFTER THE SHOW IT'S THE AFTER PARTY: Ice & Fire Con 2014 Recap, Part 10

Like the dance party, there's really no good way to describe the Ice & Fire Con after party...other than with pictures, that is!

First things first, champagne! Because even though Areo Brotah bought out Ravenwood's [one bottle] stock, no surprises that we happened to have some hidden away in Ice & Fire Con headquarters!

Seriously though, this direwolf needed all the champagne.

KK and I - or as Dom calls us, Tar-KK - used this opportunity to snap our "Ice & Fire Con OTP" picture, too...

And then some people showed up with the "Burn Book of Ice & Fire". Don't worry, nothing too terrible was said, and nothing at all about actual people - we're not like that! It was good, hilarious fun, that's all :)

After the Burn Book situation, though, things were a bit of a blur. I know that I had a long conversation with a couple of the Ravenwood employees, who stopped by to drink beers with us and toast to a successful convention - they have a lot of great ideas for next year, so it was hard to not talk about the future of Ice & Fire Con before it had even officially ended.

Steve even lugged his DJ equipment back to the cottage, where speeches were made and songs were sung...

...and I'm not even sure what happened in this picture, but it looks like a blast, no?

Eventually the night wore down, though in the end it was hard to go to bed, especially knowing that doing so meant that our weekend was basically over :( But go to bed we did, because there were a few things going on the next day...and I'll talk about those in my next (and final!) recap of Ice & Fire Con 2014! Pin It

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