Sunday, June 1, 2014

I SHOULD HAVE BEEN BORN A MAN: Ice & Fire Con 2014 Recap, Part 5

The Ice & Fire Con mock tourney is one of the things that really sets us apart from other conventions (this is according to one of our attendees, not simply my own personal opinion ;) ) Admittedly I was a bit skeptical about it last year, but everyone loved it and we knew that this year it would be hard to top our first tournament.

That said, of course we tried! First up was the archery, and this year thanks to some of our wonderful volunteers we were able to offer archery practice as well. We also had a better setup and far superior bows and arrows to those used last year, which made the whole experience much more enjoyable :)

We had so many people sign up for archery this year that we allowed ourselves a little break between it and the 'sword fights' - and with the majority of our attendees gathered at the tourney grounds, this was of course the perfect time for some fun pictures!

BROS FOR LIFE! Oh. Wait...


Too soon?

Finally, though, it was time for the real excitement ;) Last year the mini melees were the big hit of the tournament...this year we had an even number of participants and therefore didn't need any three-person fights, but when one volunteer ran off to handle some other issues a certain Queen Regent (::cough:: ME ::cough::) fought in his honor...and it was GLORIOUS!

It was random and fun and I was seriously out of breath after, but hey, I won...even after I 'lost' one of my legs! Thanks to our wonderful two-time attendee Watseka for being such a good sport and sword fighting with me :D

The day was still young, of course, which meant more photoshoots (surprised? I hope not), discussion groups, and many other activities, all of which I'll post about very soon! Pin It

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