Wednesday, June 11, 2014

IRON STAN OF SWORDS: Ice & Fire Con 2014 Recap, Part 8

As soon as our trivia games wrapped up, I rushed back to my cottage with the Mock Election ballot box. I knew that last year's infamous Hodor landslide would be difficult to beat, as this year we made doubly certain that everyone understood the 'rules' (or rather, lack of them) for the Mock Election. Unfortunately, while last year people didn't really listen when I told them they could essentially stuff the ballot box, THIS year they didn't really listen when I reminded them of that but also pointed out the fact that all ballots must be signed with an ASOIAF character name. Still, even when I tossed out all the votes that weren't signed (as well as ones that were signed by a character who'd already voted for the same candidate), it was a close race...but in the end...

Iron Stan, a.k.a. Stannis the Mannis, won! And of course, because last year Hodor was the winner, the prize for Carly - who stanned for Stan - was a Pop! Hodor and a Hodor t-shirt. Gosh, I hope they come out with a Pop! Stannis before Ice & Fire Con 2015...

Seriously though, it took me a while to count up those votes and figure out which ones couldn't be counted at all. And it was cold out. Which meant that I hiked back to the castle in sweats to run the Season 4 vs. ASOS panel at 9 PM ;) Let's just say that I wasn't quite ready to don my Saturday night costume, and you'll see why in the next update.

But for now, I want to brag just a bit - again - about our awesome attendees. Why? Well, as most people probably know, the current season of Game of Thrones has caused quite a bit of uproar, mainly due to unnecessary addition of several sexually violent scenes that either don't exist or at least aren't featured that way in the novels. While this led to our season four panel not being *quite* as lighthearted as last year, everyone was still extremely respectful and well-spoken.

I suppose it's a bit sad that that comes as such a surprise, but we all know how people are when they 'discuss' volatile things on the internet - and ASOIAF/GoT are nothing if not volatile ;) Additionally, I've been a panelist on several ASOIAF/GoT panels, and attended them as an audience member as well, at a few different conventions...and while thankfully the debates at those never got so heated as some I've seen online, they were certainly never as pleasant as our discussion groups at Ice & Fire Con. As the person who usually moderates these discussion groups, I'd love to take credit for that (half kidding, I swear!) - but the fact of the matter is that I really don't have to do much other than keep the conversation going at times, because again, our attendees are really just that amazing :)

And speaking of amazing, Saturday night was just that...but that's an entirely different story for an entirely different time, and I'll be updating my recaps with it soon! Pin It

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