Friday, June 6, 2014


One thing that we added this year that I'm excited to expand upon next year was our awards ceremony. I'm not certain yet if we'll have Saturday only tickets next year, in which case we'll be able to hold the awards ceremony later in the evening, which will be nice. But this time around we had to wrap it up before eating, which meant that some contests - namely trivia and the mock election - weren't even over yet. Still, it was a fun little addition and next year it will be, as we at Ice & Fire Con say, bigger and better! (ha, ha, ha)

Because we had about double the number of people who can fit in Ravenwood's Great Hall, this year the Saturday evening Feast was split into two seatings. It was actually really nice because it meant more space, shorter lines for the buffet, and the chance to squeeze in an activity that would give those waiting for dinner (or having just finished) something to do while the other seating was scheduled.

But I digress (and apparently I also forget my convention timeline; I blame it on the running around like crazy thing that I did all weekend). I'd scheduled a photoshoot for myself with our official photographer, Kimberly of Kinder Images, but the weather had been a bit iffy and she wanted to squeeze it in before I ate. It was a quick shoot, and my new gown wasn't even finished (I need help with the shoulder embroidery), but she took some amazing shots...

She also gave me the idea of using the little garden area for another Cersei shoot...but with my friend Cavalyn, sporting her season one Cersei costume, and James, dressed as Ned Stark, of course!

Poor Ned...too honorable for his own good ;)

The food at the feast was a big hit this year - there were a few appetizer-type foods, two main courses to choose from (beef or chicken), and several sides. Personally I do think the quality of the food was a bit better last year, but I *may* only be saying that because I missed these little chicken salad lettuce wrap things they served...

And in between dinner seatings...Trivia of Ice & Fire! I had some really difficult questions lined up, along with a point system that I sadly abandoned last minute because I didn't have enough help to deal with that. I'll definitely fix that for next year, but the two trivia games were still highly entertaining. No real surprise, the winners of Game 1 were House Manwoody, consisting of Amin and Ashley from Podcast of Ice & Fire and Alex from Tower of the Hand. (Honestly it's not even fair that they were all on a team and I really should have caught that sooner and said no! haha) And then in Game 2, The Brotherhood Without Boners were victorious!

As the evening wound down with the second dinner seating, my day was far from over. I had mock election votes to count and a costume change to make, after all. More to come about all that, as I finally get to my last couple recap posts for Ice & Fire Con 2014! Pin It

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