Wednesday, June 25, 2014

THEY ARE THE KNIGHTS OF SUMMER...: Ice & Fire Con 2014 Recap, Part 11

I have to be honest - both last year and this year, when Sunday of Ice & Fire Con rolled around, at first I was relieved. Being an organizer for this convention is one of the best and most meaningful experiences I've had in my life so far, but it's also very, very hard work.

The thing is, though...that 'relief' never lasts long, and soon enough I'm wrapped up in plans for Ice & Fire Con's future. But hey, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, because although we don't plan any big activities for the 'last day' of the convention, that doesn't mean nothing happens! For instance, this year we awarded a "Biggest Bar Tab" certificate, and of course that had to wait until Sunday morning.

We also held our "Future of Ice & Fire Con" discussion, which mostly consisted of myself, Matt, and Brendan reminding people to fill out their attendee surveys and talk about the basics for next year. And right now, they are VERY basic basics, but hey, we do at least have the location and dates...

Yes, Ice & Fire Con 2015 will return to Ravenwood Castle next year from May 15th through the 17th! Let's hope that the person who asked us to 'schedule no rain' for next year's convention gets his or her wish, right? ;)

As I already noted in the brief convention recap that I wrote for The Geekiary, there's always room for improvement and this year gave us some more ideas and more information about things that we need to streamline and/or tweak...but as you hopefully noted in the rest of my 2014 recap posts, it was another amazing year for Ice & Fire Con, and we look forward to many more like it in the future!

P.S. Today is the birthday of one Matt Davis, a.k.a. King in the North in the South, our Master of Law & Coin, so I had to add a little shout out to this final recap installment. Happy birthday, Matt!

Oh, and for the sake of having all of these linked in one Ice & Fire Con post, don't forget to check out the rest of my recap posts!

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