Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ConCarolinas 2014 Recap: Day 1

My first trip to ConCarolinas was a month ago now, but I've been so busy finishing my Ice & Fire Con recaps that this one got delayed a bit :) But hey, I guess that kind of goes along with the fact that my first trip to this convention was delayed a bit, considering I've lived in South Carolina for nearly five years and ConCarolinas takes place not even an hour and a half away.

Anyway, originally I was only going to drive up to Charlotte for Saturday and Saturday night, but once I got a look at their packed panel schedule I decided to hoof it up there Friday after work. I made it in plenty of time to lug things up to the hotel room, grab my press badge, and attend the 8:30 PM "Writing Kickass Characters" panel. I took some good notes, and that in and of itself made driving up Friday worth it :)

There was a dance party Friday night as well, but unfortunately it wasn't very popular as a nightlife option. It seemed like room parties were the name of the game at ConCarolinas, and though Friday wasn't nearly as crazy as Saturday, it was certainly a fun night just hanging out and meeting people in the lobby and in a few hotel rooms (including my own).

I even put on a costume - sort of...

Vampire Tara hanging out with another Game of Thrones fan at ConCarolinas

I definitely went to bed much later than planned, which led to a couple changes in my Saturday schedule...but it wasn't just my late bedtime that was at fault, I swear! And more on that in my ConCarolinas Day 2 recap, which is coming soon! (ish...) Pin It

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