Thursday, July 17, 2014

ConCarolinas 2014 Recap: Day 2, Part 1

In my first ConCarolinas recap I mentioned that I didn't quite start Saturady the way I wanted to...and that was thanks (or rather, no thanks) to the alarm that went off at about 8 AM. Not my alarm, either - some sort of hotel emergency alarm. I put on my sneakers, picked up my backpack, and made my way outside (where it was unseasonably cold, by the way) with dozens of other people...only to get sent back in a few minutes later. I heard that the alarm was due to someone being injured, in which case, WTF? I mean honestly, why did the alarm in the ENTIRE hotel need to go off, telling people to exit the building ASAP, for someone who hurt themselves?

Anyway, once back in my room my half-asleep ass somehow turned off my alarm and slept through the first two panels I'd wanted to attend. Oops :-/ I *was* able to sit in on some of the writing workshop early that afternoon, as well as chat with some Game of Thrones cosplayers (despite the fact that I wasn't wearing any of my Cersei costumes) and snap a picture of this awesome Crocodile Dundee cosplayer...

The thing that took up most of my day, though - or rather, almost all of my afternoon - was waiting in line for George R.R. Martin's autograph! Thankfully I had my trusty, err, 'coffee' mug...

Galadriel sure knows how to have her fun...
We got the "golden tickets"!
Note that I'm not at all complaining about waiting in that line :) As I wrote in my Geekiary review of this convention, ConCarolinas was very well-organized, especially in terms of this line, and on top of that Mr. Martin signed for a lot longer than he was supposed to so that everyone could get his autograph! He took a moment to say hello to people, as well, and was just generally very pleasant. It was a great experience overall...though it could have been a bit cooler outside (yes, it warmed up quite a bit between that 8 AM emergency alarm and waiting in line from 1:45 PM until 4 PM).

Thanks to my press pass I had a guaranteed seat in GRRM's 5 PM reading, so after I got my book signed I was able to relax for a little while. Considering I was running on maybe 5 hours of sleep, and I'd been standing for over two hours, this time was very precious to me. (Ha! See what I did there? preciousssses precious. Anywayyyy...) As for his reading, more on that in my next recap, I promise! Pin It

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