Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Confessions

I confess...I wore myself out on Greenville this weekend. I love showing people around my city and we definitely saw a lot of it these past two days...not to mention a trip to my parents' farm and some hiking. It's always good to remind myself how much I love it here :)

I confess...I like the new HBO show The Leftovers buuuut I'm just not sure it's worth staying up late to watch it and then review it the night that it airs. I've also started reading the book and there are already quite a few differences, so needless to say this should be interesting.

I confess...I was so worried I'd forgotten to turn the coffee machine (as in, the heater/heating element) off this morning that I got 10 minutes away from home and had to turn around and go back to check it. Needless to say I *had* already turned it off, so I felt like an idiot and I was about 15 minutes late for work. Awesome.

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