Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Happiest Times

I've been MIA for a bit because last week I had the pleasure of attending San Diego Comic-Con. While the convention itself was fun and I've got a lot of great articles to write about it, unfortunately it came on the heels of what has been a really stressful couple of months, and then I had some personal trauma occur while I was there as well (nothing to do with the convention itself). Because of that, I may continue to be a bit absent for a while, but before I disappear again I wanted to make a quick post about some of my happiest times, in hopes that writing about them would remind me that happiness will come again.

Las Vegas, September 2008 - My sisters, our cousin Katie, and our friend Lauren went to Vegas for my baby sister Jenni's 21st birthday. To this day it's one of my best Vegas trips ever and I'm so glad I got to share this experience with my family.

Walt Disney World, Halloween 2008 - One of my best friends, Jonathan, my cousin Katie, Steve, and I traveled to Orlando for a long weekend over actual Halloween. The four of us made a great crew and I just remember being happy the entire time.

Sun Valley Idaho, January 2012 - This was the first big ski trip that I took as an adult, planning and paying for it entirely on my own. Although there were some minor inconveniences (like the fact that there was hardly any snow out west at that time), in the end three full days of skiing wasn't long enough and I wished we didn't have to leave.

Las Vegas, December 2012 - Seriously, what's better than spending your 30th birthday in Vegas with some of your most awesome friends?

Ice & Fire Con, April 2013, Ravenwood Castle in Ohio - Don't get me wrong, Ice & Fire Con 2014 was amazing, but nothing can really compare to the first time, ya know? To see the hard work of myself and my friends come to fruition, to meet so many amazing people, and to spend the weekend in a beautiful place like Ravenwood...well, there's a reason I now have a habit of traveling up there twice a year!

There are more than these, to be sure, but when poking through my Facebook albums for pictures that represented when I was most happy, these are the ones that really stuck out. I want to believe that I'll be happy like that again, but honestly, even just being not sad would be great right now.

And yes, I understand that all of these photos are of me traveling. What can I say? I do it a lot, I love it, and as my friends are literally spread around the globe, it's often the only way I get to see most of them. The only thing that makes me as happy as being able to spend time with my wonderful friends is probably my pets ;) So I'll include this one last picture, if only because the photo itself makes me happy (when I'm not feeling the way I'm feeling now, anyway). It's the only picture I have of all four of "my" babies together - Lilo, may she rest in peace, Stitch, Wendy, and Rigby...

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