Thursday, August 21, 2014

One Week 'Til Dragon Con!

As usual I'm struggling to finish costumes for Dragon Con, despite having the best of intentions in terms of getting things done months ago. Or at least weeks ago. To be fair, if you've been reading my blog at all you know that things have been a bit rough for me...and to be honest, if I don't finish things, I don't finish them, and that's something I'm going to have to live with.

But I'm sure as hell going to try ;)

So let's see...things I've learned as I try to throw costumes together last minute...

~ Mod Podge burns if you get it on your skin. But hey, only for a second!

~ Nothing ever dries fast enough when you're in a rush to get stuff done. Not the aforementioned Mod Podge, not wood glue, nothing.

~ I really, truly, honestly don't have enough creativity for cosplay, and quite often find myself wondering why I bother with it at all.

~ There's nothing better than a really sharp Exacto when cutting craft foam. Like, really sharp. And I didn't have one of those when I needed it. Sigh.

~ Wait...there is something better - friends who are willing to help and encourage you as you struggle to deal with personal issues while finishing costumes on time for Dragon Con ;)

On a side note...I'm a panelist on the American Sci-Fi Fantasy Media's Game of Thrones: Loosing the Chains panel on Friday evening at 7 come check it out! Pin It

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