Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Chicago Love

I picked this particular subject for today because I'm currently visiting Chicago for the fourth time, hanging out with some friends but also getting some work done ;)

Previously I traveled up here in April 2010, April 2011, and August 2012. Every trip has been SO different, but with each one I've seen a bit more of the city and surrounding areas. The only part that ever sucks about being here is that I inevitably don't have time to see every person I know who lives here...there are a lot of them!

April 2010 - The "Bean"

April 2011 - Night out downtown with Vegas buddies :)

Cubs game during a friend's bachelorette weekend

I've been to Second City and seen the Cubs lose twice, eaten at Portillo's and Malnati's and Pizzeria Due and Chicago Oven Grinder and Chicago Cut and half a dozen other places I can't recall as well. I've been to bars (most of whose names I don't remember, mostly because I never kept track of them in the first place) and wandered a hell of a lot of the city, just taking it all in.

Thankfully I have friends who keep giving me reasons to come back. Now if only flight prices were a bit cheaper and I don't get another 3-hour delay coming or going... ;) Pin It

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