Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Way of Reckoning: A Novel by Yours Truly!

This story was a long time in the telling. Over two years after I started writing it (during National Novel Writing Month in 2012, in fact), I've finally published my debut novel via Amazon Kindle Direct!

Former Texas outlaw William Walker thought that he'd done a good job of walking away from his life of thievery, kidnapping, and murder - until two Bureau of Investigation agents caught him and brought him east to rot in jail. Three years later, they offer him a deal - hunt down the members of the gang he'd once been a part of, and he can go home. He has just a few months to find four of the most notorious men in Texas - all the while attempting to stay alive himself - but if he doesn't comply with the agents' request, he'll never see home again.

From bustling St. Louis to growing Amarillo, from sleepy Eagle Pass to Monclova, a hotbed of the Mexican Revolution, William does his best to keep to his own shaky moral code and still complete his task. But if he does in fact accomplish what he's been sent to do, what will he find waiting for him back on his meager ranch?

They say it takes an army to raise a child...well, it takes one to finish a novel, too. At least if you're me. With that said, I have to say thank you to those who helped me most with this one - to Steve, for giving me theme ideas and putting up with me being glued to my computer for 30 days straight back in 2012. To fellow author and NaNo 2012 participant Tyffani, who was the first person to beta The Way of Reckoning and who helped me with the little grammar and spelling mistakes that I didn't catch. To Eliott, for being my content beta and helping me take this story to the next level. 

The Way of Reckoning is just $2.99 (the lowest price point through ADP), and you can also read the first 30 pages (approximately) via the "look inside" feature. I mean hey, you're not losing anything by checking out the free sample, right? ;) Pin It

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