Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sometimes I'm proud of myself.

Yesterday I ran the Greenville News Run Downtown 5K for the third time.

I've run other 5K's, and they've all been fun, but as this was my first ever road race - back in January 2011 - it has special meaning to me. From now on I think I'll try to run it every year, and then, as usual, follow it up with breakfast and spiked coffee at Coffee Underground :)


A lot has changed since that first time I ran this race. I didn't think to time myself back then, so I didn't make under 30 minutes like I wanted to - but I *was* under 31 minutes, and I'm fairly certain I didn't cross the start line until the race was a good 50 seconds in.

I know better now, of course, and these days I clock myself. This time around things were even MORE wonky, though, because I was running late Saturday morning and strolled up to the start line at 8:59 find out they'd started the race nearly three minutes early! As I broke into a run and crossed the start line, someone shouted that they'd stopped tracking the chips, but I didn't care - I'd already turned RunKeeper on and was ready to go.

For some reason, the first mile was hard, the second easy, and the third just a push to keep up the very steady pace I had going. I think the last time I ran more than two miles was September; the last time I'd run more than three? Well, my last 5K, back in March of last year.

Still, I passed people steadily - rarely did someone pass me - and in the end I finished in 26:30...according to my phone, of course. Since I'd "started" the race nearly three minutes late, though, my "official" time was a bit off...


But hey, 564th out of 1,328 people? With a late start?

I'm happy.

I'm a bit sore today, but I'm happy.

And that runner's high worked itself into other aspects of my life. I ate well yesterday. I wrote a bit, edited a bit, plotted a bit. I read a lot. I watched a movie. I hung out with my sister and my beautiful niece.

And today, even though I'm a bit sore, I went for a short jog with my pups, brushed them, ate a hearty breakfast, cooked a nice dinner, went out and picked up some writing and travel books with my Christmas gift cards, and more.

All in all, a successful weekend. And yeah, getting my butt out of bed and running that 5K yesterday was the main reason why it was successful :) Pin It

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