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Tara's ASOIAF Re-Read: Bran IV - Jon IV


The falling, Bran thought, and the golden man, the queen's brother, he scares me too, but mostly the falling.

I know the feeling, kid. About the falling, anyway.

So speaking of Bran, somehow I completely missed that at one point he actually decided that he knew that it was Jaime who pushed him from the window. Or at least it seems, from the quote above, that that's the case - but then later in this chapter he muses, "If he didn't talk about it, maybe he would forget. He had never wanted to remember. It might not even be a true remembering." Will we ever get a true "AH-HA" moment about Bran's "fall"? Will he ever actually tell anyone what happened, or perhaps confront Jaime about it? (Dear D&D, please note that these questions do not in any way constitute a reason for Jaime to travel beyond the Wall to visit with Bran at any point in the show. Unless that happens in the books. Which I can't imagine it will. But I digress.)

Perhaps Bran would find it amusing that Tyrion is running around poisoning Cersei? Personally I'm torn about that. I get why he did it and I get that Cersei causes a lot of trouble, but I don't really like Tyrion (yeah yeah I know, could I say that one more time? heh) and I don't really like the way he just brushes off the idea of poisoning his sister:

I should have given her a larger dose. Tyrion had hoped for a few more days without Cersei's interference, but he was not too terribly surprised by her return to health. She was Jaime's twin, after all.

But I'll leave that be for now and for my own amusement focus on how quickly Cersei returned to health and how Tyrion specifically notes, "She was Jaime's twin, after all." Isn't there another family that doesn't get sick? Oh yeah, the Targaryens! More proof that Cersei and Jaime may be secret Targs! ;)

Also, sorry Tyrion, but waking someone up by having sex with them is creepy. Even if Shae is "your" whore and you "love" her. End of story.

Okay okay, I'll stop hating on Tyrion for now...especially as the next four chapters were all Stark women. Even as Arya has come to accept some aspects of her current life, at this point she still hopes for some sort of rescue - she wants to see her siblings and her mother; she even wants to see Sansa, and the fact that Arya promises herself to "kiss [Sansa] and beg her pardons like a proper lady" is just so sad to me. I have to believe that these sisters will eventually be reunited, and while I don't expect it to be all perfect and joyful, I believe that it will have positive undertones. I kind of have to believe that, because if not what is the point of the two-sided coin reference?

Anyway, I do love Arya's observations about Tywin - how he looks nothing like Ned, yet his face reminds Arya of her father; and how Arya can't imagine Tywin ever laughing at anything. Such astute observations from a kid who only knows Tywin Lannister by name and from afar ;) Now if only she'd thought to ask Jaqen to kill him instead of Weese or any of the others...

I won't get into that, though. So many characters, so many mistakes, so little time, right? And also, it's not really fair of me to harp on Arya when I can't stand listening to people complain about Sansa and her mistakes. And speaking of Sansa, my poor little BB is growing up far too fast :(

Knights are sworn to defend the weak, protect women, and fight for the right, but none of them did a thing. Only Ser Dontos had tried to help, and he was no longer a knight, no more than the Imp was, nor the Hound...the Hound hated knights...I hate them too, Sansa thought. They are no true knights, not one of them.

I mean, I love Sandor, but you know something's gone wrong when a sweet, naive young lady is agreeing with him. Yeah, it may be good that Sansa is learning her lessons...but she's learning them the hard way, and she's only, what, twelve? Thirteen? (Forgive me, but I'm too lazy to go look that up right now.) I don't know, her situation sucks and the more I read these books the harder her chapters - which I once loved - are to read. Mostly because of the things they dredge up about my own life and the lives of people I know.

But I suppose that's neither here nor there. The Stranger, on the other hand, is everywhere!

And the seventh face...the Stranger was neither male nor female, yet both, ever the outcast, the wanderer from far places, less and more than human, unknown and unknowable. Here the face was a black oval, a shadow with stars for eyes. It made Catelyn uneasy. She would get scant comfort there.
Yeah I know, I'm a quoting fool in this entry. It's partially laziness and partially because there are some pretty great passages in these novels and I've resolved to highlight them more often. I love the idea of the Stranger as a god, and there are some pretty great quotes about it, too - including the one above, from Catelyn, who visits the sept to pray as Renly and Stannis prepare for battle, and then returns to Renly's camp to unwittingly witness his death. Oops. Thankfully she has the wherewithal to escape - with Brienne, of course - and last but not least, we move on to Jon's chapter, in which pretty much nothing happens until he finds the cache of dragonglass wrapped up in a Night's Watch cloak and buried.

Well, Ghost actually finds it, not Jon, but you catch my drift. Anyway, there are plenty of theories as to who left the dragonglass - Benjen, Coldhands, Bloodraven via Coldhands, the Children of the bet is on the Children, with Coldhands being second runner up, but honestly I'm just making slightly educated guesses here and I really don't have much reasoning for either one of them ;)

Now I've put off writing and posting this recap for so long that I'm ridiculously behind on my re-read...oops. That's what I get for taking on so many things all at once, right? (Or at least that's what certain people I know would say. Heh.) On to the next chapters! Pin It

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