Sunday, April 26, 2015


It's actually not Sunday Funday in that way ^^^,  but I do feel really good today...and I thought that after my recent entry about my anxiety, I should highlight what a good day is like for me.

Was it perfect? Nah. I'm struggling with reviewing Game of Thrones tonight, though I can't say much about that right now. I'd also hoped to take my bike downtown and do some reading/writing in the park, but I'd forgotten that I needed to finish some yard work (which was delayed from yesterday due to rain). I did finally get my tires pumped up, and I took a quick spin around the neighborhood, so that was fun. I also ran and rowed today, and then spent most of my afternoon finishing up said yard work.

In between all that, I re-watched some of the first season of Kuroko no Basket and fell even more in love with it than I already was. (Seriously, new obsession there.)

I also got some really happy news about Ice & Fire on second thought, maybe I will turn this into a true Sunday Funday and  reward myself with a celebratory drink this evening ;)

In conclusion, I realized just how Kiyoshi I am when I found this little gem from the very first Ice & Fire Con program (which I wrote up over two years ago, long before I started watching KnB). So I had to slap it on a picture of my boy and share.

So that's what a good day is like. Getting some good news, even though that news doesn't change my personal messes, it's good for this convention, this baby of mine that I love. Getting some things done, maybe not as much as I should have, but what I can at least deem to be "enough". And just generally being active, while still allowing myself a pause here and there to enjoy the little things, like chatting with friends or watching basketball anime.

Drink or no drink, it's Sunday Funday no matter what, at least for me :) Pin It

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