Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Personal Dragon Con Recap

So I've already written several Dragon Con articles for The Geekiary (as well as participated in a post-Dragon Con webcast), all of which can be found on our Dragon Con Masterpost page :) But I figured I would also do a quick post here about the general fun and costumes and whatnot.

We started off Thursday by going to the Marriott pool, a tradition I hope to continue again next year. But when the beer in our cooler ran out, we decided to put on our Jurassic Park costumes and go to the now-annual Hooters dinner I always schedule...followed by the Jurassic Park photoshoot and the Running of the Buffetts!

Sadly I didn't get to wear Ellie very long, so that costume WILL be making a reappearance, probably as soon as next year. After that it was party time with the Archer crew, though to be honest I didn't get many, um, shareable photos from that evening. I'll partly blame my cell phone camera and partly blame a friend's slight, err, costume malfunction ;)

But at least I ran into my friend Amanda dressed as an awesome Asha Bunny!

Now, I'm not saying I'll never wear Katya again, but after wearing that cosplay three times now, I'm a bit bored with it. We'll see if Cassius and Clay offers any new cosplay opportunities...if not, well, it's past time for me to have a Bunny Hutch costume on Thursday night at Dragon Con, anyway.

I actually didn't stay up very late for a Dragon Con Thursday (nothing like the past few years, anyway) because I was on a panel at 10 AM Friday morning. All I have to say about that is "Ugh, rough." Haha.

Anyway, Friday was BSG day, and for the first time since [early] 2013 I got some great photos of my Starbuck costume! Many many thanks to my buddy Deb of Photography by Debadeep for these shots.

Friday night was the second time ever we had a full "Nightman Cometh" group from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but despite having our pictures taken what seemed like a million times, I have yet to find any of us other than the couple I [barely] remembered to snap. We did go to the Avengers Ball, but sadly it wasn't anywhere near as fun as last year. Maybe it was just me, but it seemed like they kept the lights on a lot longer than they did last year, so it didn't really feel like a dance party until much later, and by that time I had to be a grown up and head back to my room in hopes of being somewhat rested for a press conference the next morning.

Saturday definitely didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, costume-wise. I did the bad thing and didn't finish my Fury Road cosplay (I was The Dag) before the convention, so I was piecing it together while I was putting it on Saturday morning...which of course took way longer than I expected. In the end I was actually pretty happy with it, though I may have to re-do the bottom portion of the outfit before wearing it again.

I did, however, finish my Saturday night cosplay before Dragon Con...though just barely. I was part of a big JEM cosplay group, as Roxy, the bassist from the Misfits. It was a blast because I got to be part of it with several good friends, plus meet some new people, and to be honest other than the heels (which I quickly changed out of after the photoshoot) the costume was really comfortable. Though of course once the whole group dispersed no one really knew who I was. Ah well!

Ahhh, Sunday. At one time it was my favorite day of Dragon Con, and this year actually bumped it back up a notch. First because I got to hang out with my besties in our Kuroko no Basket (a.k.a. BASUKES) cosplays...which is a comfortable and fun costume (and I was honestly surprised at how many people recognized us, considering Dragon Con isn't all that huge on anime).

And then my late-night costume - Katy Perry, complete with Left Shark - landed me on not one but TWO Dragon Con cosplay videos! We actually had a group of Pop Stars, and again it was a group comprised of some of the most lovely people I know, and I had such a blast partying it up rock pop star style with them :)

Before I shamelessly plug the two cosplay videos I appear in, I'll leave you with some fun Dragon Con anecdotes...courtesy of my lovely roommates ;)

Bekah: I lost a nail! Oh wait it's in my tights.
Brian: Who cares about your nail, come do my makeup.

Bekah: Are you sitting on the floor counting fake money and eating Doritos?
Brian: ...Yes.

Brian: Elsa is Deadpool level annoying.

Me: Congratulations. This is by far the most disgusting convention room I've ever been a part of.

I had a great Dragon Con this year and it was all thanks to my friends - new and old. I hate that I missed seeing so many people and that I didn't get to say a proper goodbye to everyone, but if you're reading this, here's yet another HUGE thanks to all of the amazing people who did cosplay groups with me, to everyone who dropped by our hilariously messy room for drinks and fun throughout the weekend, and to those of you who looked out for me. You all enrich my life in ways I can't really describe. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

Now without further ado...the videos! First, we appear in one of Unlimited Dream Works' "Epic Cosplay" videos at the 2:49 mark...

And second...HOLY CRAP I AM IN A BEAT DOWN BOOGIE VIDEO. This is a first time for me and I'm not even trying to hide my excitement. Check us out at the 4:38 mark!

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