Friday, January 8, 2016

2015: A [Semi] Lame Recap

I know I'm a bit late reviewing my 2015, but that's probably because while it was exponentially better than 2014, it still had its issues. On top of that, I was terrible about keeping up with this blog (seriously, how many times can I say that?), but after reading some notes I jotted down in a journal at the beginning of last year I realized just how far I've come and decided to write a quick recap anyway.

So what happened in 2015? A lot, and then, kind of not enough. I ran two 5Ks - the Greenville News 5k and the St Paddy's Day Dash and Bash - and killed it both times (at least in regards to my prior personal bests). I also read a lot of books, though I've been insanely lax about reviewing them on this blog...and I never did finish that Song of Ice & Fire re-read, but hey, maybe I'll pick it up again eventually. After I've finished the stack of Star Wars books that I got for Christmas ;)

I don't cook very much anymore, mostly because it's one of those things that got pushed to the bottom of my list of priorities what with work and writing and being depressed and anxious so much of the time, but I did post a couple recipes and even went through a serious smoothie phase. Sadly the latter got pushed by the wayside when I got food poisoning in late March - not the smoothies' fault, but I had to take a break from them nonetheless. (TMI? Maybe? Sorry.) But hey, at least I tried a couple new food things this year, right?

Of course the biggest thing that I did this year - at least to me - was going to Hawaii.  This had been a dream trip of mine since early 2005 (of course, traveler that I am I thought it would be a cool place to visit long before then; 2005 was just when the fever really hit), but I never thought it would happen this soon. Eventually I'll probably write more about that trip, because it was amazing and life-changing and I can't get Hawaii out of my head, but I truly meant everything I said in "The Magic of Traveling By Yourself". I wish I was back there, I can't wait to GO back...Hawaii was definitely the highlight of my year.

One of the wonderful people I met on Kauai. Her name is Jen and at the moment she's doing an internship in South Africa involving learning and teaching about (and diving with!) white sharks. You can support her here.

Pearl Harbor
Booze cruise with the one and only Admin Angel, a lovely person and awesome boss...and friend!
I went straight from Hawaii to San Diego Comic-Con, which was exhausting but worth a second chance. I mean, there was no way it could be worse for me (personally) than SDCC 2014 was...though to be honest, 2014 was a lot better professionally. Still, in 2015 I got to be a panelist, and THAT was amazing :)

The rest of the summer was pretty laid-back, though I did volunteer at my family's farm's open house :) Dragon Con was the next really important thing on my radar, mostly because it was really awful in 2014, but thankfully this year I had an amazing time with my roommates, my friends, my costume groups...well, everything.

To be honest the only other thing of note that I posted in this blog was my little rant about how sometimes "running late" isn't just "rude and selfish". But that doesn't mean that I didn't have some great times these past few months. Upstate Pride was an absolute blast, I got to visit the Orlando ThinkGeek store the weekend it opened, I took a little vacation to Ohio in mid-October, and then I went back to Orlando for Halloween - and got to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter again (with one of my best friends, who'd never been before, which made it even more amazing)!

Bekah and I at Upstate Pride
NotACon 2015: Pottermore Money, Pottermore Problems
WWoHP with Bekah

As usual though, the holidays were a bit of a blur. I got to see my loves Adrian and Melissa over Thanksgiving and even help them decorate their tree, I got a new tattoo and had a Steven Universe birthday party, I did a hardcore hike that I'd been meaning to accomplish since July 2014, Bekah and I drove up to visit Hunger Games filming sites, and I spent Christmas at the family farm.

Black Friday with the Maldonados

My Toothless tattoo, to remind me of my cat Stitch
I'm Lion!
Finally did the full Table Rock hike! 7.2 miles, over 2000 feet elevation gain, just over 3.5 hours

A couple samples from our Hunger Games shoot...

Visiting the farm with the pups
My niece CC is silly and I love her so darn much
Sometimes I wonder when I breathed the last four months of the year, but at the same time I wonder whether I had too much downtime. My depression hit hard at the end of the year, but I'm retrying a medication and at the moment I feel like I'm slowly but surely climbing out of that very, very bad slump.

As a final note, I also fell in love with some amazing things this year. I haven't written about all of them (not even for The Geekiary), but I highly suggest watching the following (these are in no particular order):
Amazing artwork I commissioned from the talented Trow Art featuring three of the shows I fell in love with this year: Polar Bear's Cafe, Steven Universe, and Kuroko no Basket.

Everything about the end of my year was Star Wars, and I am totally alright with that. I did a rewatch of the first six movies, I saw the first available showing of The Force Awakens the day it was released, I got to review it for The Geekiary and then participate in a fun webcast about it.

All that said, I'm glad it's 2016. Here's to a new year, and a new hope (Star Wars reference FTW) that it will be better than 2015 just like last year was better than the one before. Pin It

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