Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Rest in Peace, My Beautiful Luna Eleanor Lovegood

For five days, I was foster mom to the most perfect puppy in the world.

She was a Chihuahuah-Pekingese mix (or something of the sort) but that didn't matter - she was completely adorable and the sweetest little baby you can imagine. She was 11 ounces but apparently still somehow six weeks old. The runt of the litter, a litter of puppies that was being fed on table scraps.

We named her Luna Eleanor Lovegood. She was tiny and soft and she climbed all over the place and wagged her tail. She loved to give kisses. She loved to climb up and huddle on the back of your neck (especially if you were wearing a hoodie). She made sure you knew when she had to go to the bathroom. She inhaled food like she'd never eaten before (and she hadn't - not properly).

She needed a home where she could grow a bit, and my sister wanted a small puppy for my niece CC. It was the perfect storm...I had just enough time to care for Luna before my next trip, and she loved CC from the moment she met her.

I took Luna to the vet Friday evening, three days after she entered my home. They pronounced her surprisingly healthy for her size, gave her some dewormer, and just over two days later, she was gone.

She was only 11 ounces. Yes, puppies need to be dewormed, but everything I've been told since Luna passed away is that she shouldn't have been dewormed until she was over a pound. I won't go into the details of how she passed, but it was very sudden. Just Saturday night she was climbing all over my neck and into CC's lap, and then she was just...gone. Nothing helped, and believe me, we tried.

We buried her on Monday March 7th. I dug the hole myself, because I have to. We laid her to rest in a beautiful box wearing one of her sock sweaters, with her favorite beanie hat and the hippo washcloth and little stuffed lamb my sister had given her.

I'm heartbroken. I know it will get better with time, but she was supposed to survive. Everything I was told was positive, even by the vet. But her tiny little self couldn't handle the dewormer.

She passed away in my arms. It was hard, but I'm grateful for that on her part.

I will never forget her. I will never forget how I wasn't expecting such a perfect little being to come into my life just now, how I fell in love with her, how she left this world far too soon.

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  1. There are no words to make it better and nothing to be said that you don't already know. Losing a pet is always always awful. We love you Tara.